I met with Dr. F. today before my I.V. and he had bad news. There aren't any trials that I qualify for after all. He said he could try contacting colleagues in the U.S. but he knows that it would be very expensive and not covered by any of my National Health Insurance. He can also look at other hospitals in Japan but from what I've seen, the National Cancer Center seems to be the hub for trials.

The Tykerb approval I'd been expecting in December is likely to happen in June. He says I can try different chemo drugs to tide me over until the Tykerb is released. I feel pretty good for someone biding time until the next drug comes out...

I will go ahead make an appointment with the home hospice clinic to get that ball rolling anyway. Then I guess I'll make a list of all the drugs that women in the online breast cancer support group have had success with and hand it over to Dr. F. when I see him next Tuesday for bone scan results and treatment. I can get some input on whether they're available for breast cancer treatment or when they will be. Now I'm free to enjoy the foreign wives association picnic on the first. J plans to go with me tomorrow to walk around Tsukiji and Ginza while we wait for my skeleton to absorb radioactive injection the bone scan. She can carry any bargains we find at the market home for me.


RW said...

Oh, Kathy. Call if you want to talk / vent ;-).

Arizona mom to eight said...

((((((((((hugs)))))))) I am so sorry, I know that was definitely not what you wanted to hear, we were all hoping that they would have something for you. Time to ask all the other gals what they have had.

Anonymous said...

Great that the Tykerb will most probably be here in Japan by June. That is only just 2 months' of bridgework with other drugs. And do post the bargains you bought at the market. I always love to envision through your wonderful descriptions. You are a fabulous writer, if no one has told you this before...but I'm sure they have.

Cecilia said...

Big hugs Kathy xo
Thinking of you a lot.
Sing out if you need a hand.
Take care,


Monique de Vos said...

O Kathy I do hope they will find another way for you to have the trial treatments, in my thoughts as always,