Summer Vacation - Almost

J's last day of school was Wednesday but her after school club, the wind orchestra, is so active that they'll be practicing every day all summer so she gets up and heads off to school every morning anyway. The string orchestra, wind orchestra and glee club have pooled their resources to book four large buses and rent an entire hotel (well, a medium sized ski lodge) in the mountains of Nagano for four days next week for an intensive training camp. She'll return the evening of the same day that N departs for her three day trip to the Chiba coast with the sixth grade. This means a little more space on the floor for the non-travellers to sleep in comfort for five nights next week. N is happy that she'll return just in time for the local summer festival at school.

M finished school today and has her package of summer homework which I hope she starts soon so we can leave much of it here when we travel. She wasn't too happy with her report card but she did better than I expected she would from the amount of effort seen (more like not seen) this term. Fortunately none of the grades were below average. We have a student-parent-teacher conference first thing Tuesday morning where we'll talk about her hopes and plans for high school and what she'll need to do to achieve them. She's having trouble imagining past a day or two in the future and thinking about the next three years seems a little daunting. Attempts to open conversation remain unappreciated so far. Aaah teenagers - I'm not sure which is tougher; being one or having one (or two or three).

N and L have the same three day weekend and then a morning of school before they bring home their report cards and stacks of summer homework assignments. The rest of their school stuff is clogging up the entryway where they dumped it before running off to play in the park. Again, I hope they can tackle most of it before heading to the airport. I'd hate to have them do all this work and have it lost in transit on the way back.


Jesse said...

Sounds a bit like a very well run circus. :) We are really looking forward to your visit.