Great Day at School

J's teacher heard that I wouldn't be able to attend the big drama festival this Saturday and told J that it would be fine if I slipped in and watched on Friday, when the kids perform for each other. J admitted that I'd be going into the hospital on Friday morning and that I'd have to miss the event after all.

The teacher called me this morning just before I left to take L to nursery school for his big trip to the Tama Zoo. She said that the girls would be so disappointed if I couldn't see the results of their hard work and that I could go today to watch the dress rehearsal, if I felt up to it. She was so concerned about how sad it would be it would be to miss J's last drama event of her elementary school career and even told me when M and N would be rehearsing.

M's and N's teachers must have overheard the conversation or perhaps joined in on the decision to invite me, because they told M and N that I'd be there today. I sat on a single chair in the center of the back of the gym and had my own personal drama festival today. A few other moms were there, walking around taking photos for the school newspaper. The kids did a great job and enjoyed watching their audience (me) wipe away the tears of laughter (at the appropriate funny parts) and awe at how they've all grown up (all 550 or so of the kids). I guess I should write nice things in the post festival questionnaire.

The teachers all looked concerned and wished me the best for a full recovery (I don't know if they know why I'm going to the hospital, they were too polite to say anything or ask.)