Out of Touch

This morning's visit resulted in a firm schedule for my hospital stay. I'll go in on Friday morning and have surgery before lunch on Monday. I expected the doctor to explain all about the surgery to S today so he could sign the informed consent forms, but all he did, after keeping us waiting for more than two hours, was give S a very compassionate look and tell him "Your wife has breast cancer." Duh! like I'd have dragged him to the hospital for wart removal. Now S has to go again on Friday morning to hear all the dangers of surgery and sign the form. I guess old maids with no living relatives just have to forgo surgery.

I expect it will be difficult to call and impossible to e-mail, so I'll probably be out of touch for a while, possibly until the 24th, catching up on my reading while S takes care of the kids. Mrs. Y may visit (hopefully with chocolate) and I can give her a note to e-mail Mom and Dad with news.