Bone Scan

I saw my skeleton from various perspectives and was told that no breast cancer cells were detected in it. Nice news. Last month's blood tests were OK too.

I will be seeing my doctor at a smaller local clinic one Friday a month from now on, except for semi-annual exams at the university hospital. He said I'd get a "visual" exam (ooh, gotta buy some new bras...) and a blood test at the monthly visits and mammograms at the semi annual visits. He didn't give me any trouble about importing my own supply of tamoxifen citrate after I showed him the package and explained about the price difference. He even said that the monthly visits could be once every 6 or 8 weeks if I preferred, as he had planned on giving me a new prescription each month. We agreed to keep to the monthly exams for now, as there are a few more tests he'd like to do at the clinic and I'd feel more secure knowing that he's keeping an eye on me.