Management Crisis

The company which has managed our apartment building for the past 33 years went bankrupt at the end of January, making me sorry I agreed last year to my two year appointment to the management committee. It looks like they embezzled lots of money from most of their clients. I've been running around all month getting signatures on various banking documents and making sure that the nice people who perform the daily superintendents duties (a live-in couple and a 70 something man who rides his scooter over every day) get paid.

The committee invited three new companies to offer bids on the job and we've chosen a new company but need to hold a formal vote among all of the owners before we hand over everybody's bank account information. Tomorrow is the "Emergency Owners Meeting" as opposed to the annual owners meetings held to report the usual goings-on. It will be a relief to hand over the accounting to the pros on Monday. I'm glad that the new company has agreed to keep our superintendents and the various monthly businesses which polish floors, maintain the water tank, maintain the elevator etc.; these businesses don't lose our business and we can enjoy the same good service we've been getting.