More on One of the Supers

The 70 something (probably closer to 80) year old man who works in our reception office downstairs showed me a neat picture from his days as a waiter in an exclusive restaraunt in Fukuoka in the decade after WWII. Amazingly, I was able to recognize three of the five people in the photo. In addition to a much younger, tall and handsome version of our superintendent in his waiter's uniform and another person from the staff, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were seated at an elegant dinner table with another guest. He asked all three of the patrons for their autographs and I could decipher "Joe DiMaggio" and a shaky "Mariylin Monroe DiMaggio" (the DiMaggio part was a little cramped, I assume because it was their honeymoon and she wasn't used to writing it yet). A few months later, a TV crew was in our lobby filming for a five minute segment on our superintendent, his life now and then and his treasure, the photograph, and twenty minutes more on the celebrities in the photo.