Busy Monday

Day 8 of radiation went as smoothly as the other 7. The radio/oncologist seemed surprised that I'm not itching yet but only laughed when I, a little comically, asked if the machine was working. The nodes in my neck seem an eentsy weentsy bit smaller and she said that they should begin shrinking by the end of this week but that there may be some swelling. She reiterated that I should let her know as soon as I started feeling itchy so she could prescribe a cream medication.

I caught my bus back and got off at the girls' school for a PTA district meeting about a bicycle safety event we're holding for the 3rd graders and up next week. I'm in charge of delegating spots on the course for 6 other volunteer moms to stand at and supervise. The police will come and show a traffic safety video and oversee the written and practical tests the kids will take to earn a "bicycle license" (a piece of paper with the child's picture, certifying that they attended the course, everybody passes).

After I finished some leftover spaghetti for lunch, the girls began to arrive home. Usually, depending on the grade, the kids are sent home at different times. This week is the beginning of parent teacher conferences so the kids all eat lunch and come home. Asking a favor of a friend whose daughter is in N's class, I managed to trade times and get all 3 conferences pretty much consecutively in a single afternoon, tomorrow. S has agreed to be here at 3:03 to get L off of the kindergarten bus.