Poor L

With a slight fever, a headache and some sniffles, L opted out of kindergarten today and went with me on the bus to my hospital where he was happy to sit in the hall with a nice doctor who thought he could practice his English for 3 or 4 minutes while I was in the radiation treatment room. Lucky L got a few pieces of candy out of the deal although I doubt the doctor got much in return.

Then we caught the bus back and went to the local family practitioner to have L checked. We were given a 5 day supply of antibiotics and some cough syrup. He fell asleep at about noon and is still snoring away more than 2 hours later.

Wednesdays are my busy evenings with 4 classes end to end from 6 to 10p.m. so I guess I'd better start getting dinner ready to leave for the troops.


Winnie (MIJ) said...

Just though I would leave a note.I post at MIJ sometimes.
I read your blog when I get a chance. Nice to hear about your daily life. I hope your are doing well. Thinking of you.