Monday's Here

L is down to his last two weeks of kindergarten and J, her last three weeks of elementary school. I've been practising a song and dance routine with some of the other moms for the kindergarten early evening pre-graduation formal party and have dug out the proper shoes from the back of the closet for my fancy purple dress. I hope it isn't too cold because my down jacket definitely clashes. In a pinch, I guess I could wear the gold lamee and sparkly brocade outfit which is warmer. Then I'd have to dig around for more shoes...aaugh!

A foreign wife friend called to invite me to first dibs on a pile of practically brand new clothes before she took them to an international church in Tokyo for their annual bazaar. She likes the same colors I do and is my height (or a little taller as she has excellent posture) and size so I really lucked out. I came home with a large shopping bag of clothes appropriate for the upcoming graduations and entrance ceremonies. This is good because, as a representative of the building management committee and a member of the local town planning association I received an official invitation to sit in the "VIP" section instead of with the riff-raff - er- other parents. I will probably sit with the riff raff anyway because none of the other VIPs will have 6 and 8 year olds with them and S will be busy videotaping and may not be able to handle the hyperactive duo. M, as a 5th grader, will be assisting at the function, probably playing music on her recorder.