Last of the worst

Well, I had the last of the "debilitating" CEF chemo treatments on Tuesday and am still glad that they haven't been debilitating. In three weeks I start the second half of the regime, 8 sessions of Docetaxel, once every 2 weeks. I danced successfully on stage with 15 other moms in front of 65 6 yr olds, 49 moms and 20 teachers and staff from the kindergarten at the formal pre-graduation "Appreciation Ceremony" and didn't lose my wig. L's graduation is tomorrow morning.

S's brother and his wife will be in Tokyo from Sunday to Tuesday to visit their son and his family. The son and his wife were here with their son to help out at the "Welcome to Japan" Intercollegiate Judo Tournament, Rice Dumpling and Japanese Drum Extravaganza. Now they have a 3 year old daughter and a 6 month old daughter in addition to their 6 yr old son. On Sunday afternoon we'll visit them with banana bread (exotic food baked by the foreign wife) to say hi to the in-laws from Kyushuu and probably treat everybody to dinner in an inexpensive restaurant as we couldn't possibly all fit in the nephew's apartment. I'm hoping for good weather so the kids can all play in the park in front of the nephew's place.


Midori said...

I am glad the treatments weren`t as bad as you thought they might be and that your wig stayed put!