Two of M's classmates came over today to work out some witch costumes out of our pile of old clothes and accessories. We invited them to come with us tomorrow to the annual Halloween party held in a nearby botanical garden. They want to go as a trio of witches but N, of course, wanted to be included so we had to get four witch outfits ready to make a quartet. L will wear the bat costume that J wore a few years ago and J will be a Kewpie doll dressed as a large red pod of codfish eggs. She and her friends like a series of commercials for a codfish egg spaghetti sauce that uses this character. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoUq16ql9sE shows the original Kewpie, J will probably just use her own face unless she wants to make a mask tonight or tomorrow morning.
With the leftovers in the dress-up box and a little black eyeliner, I'll probably be a pirate (probably more like Smee than Sparrow). I'm looking forward to seeing many of my foreign wife friends and their families. This party seems to get bigger and better every year.