National Cancer Center

I should get to bed now but I just wanted to post that my visit to the center went well yesterday and the ball is now rolling to get all the necessary information for a consultation on November 7th with the head of the respiratory and breast cancer divisions about the status of my cancer and the treatment options. Tomorrow I catch an early train to be in time for an 8:30 appointment to get a shot of isotopes to illuminate my skeleton for a scan at 10 or 10:30. That means S gets to make sure the kids make it off to school on time and I get to wander around the fish market and vicinity while I wait for my bones to absorb the radioactive stuff. It isn't dangerous to people around me and I don't expect people will notice any glowing, even if I feel like I glow. :-)


Anonymous said...


The 2nd opinion certainly seems to have been the right road to take. The immediate response to do followup exams to determine appropriate action certainly seems the better course than the 'wait and see' of your first hospital.

Good going! I can feel you glowing!