Where Did This Month Go?

My super survivor friend downstairs had a four day weekend in the hospital because her her regular physician who visits her weekly decided that her cold had gone on long enough and that she might not last much longer with her breathing difficulties. She was rushed off in an ambulance with her dinner still in the microwave and a pot of stewed fish and daikon radish on the stove. I visited her on Sunday and she had already bounced back from the brink to her usual vibrant self and was concerned about how bad her apartment might smell upon return, whenever that might be. She asked me to clean out her refrigerator, wash up a little, water her plants, air out her futons and bring her some more pajamas and a bathrobe. I told her that I'd be glad to do these things but that it would be Tuesday afternoon before I could deliver the pajamas and robe as the visiting hours at her hospital are very strict and I couldn't make it the next day. This was fine with her and she seemed quite cheered up by my visit. I had J with me as we were on our way to an interview test in northwestern Tokyo.

Monday morning I managed to get all of my neighbor's trash out before the garbage truck came. The refrigerator got a very thourough cleaning as there were quite a few artifacts from last century inhabiting the inner regions. I think that the refrigerator must be a 1997 model, as that was the earliest expiration date I discovered in the very back of the top shelf...

My friend called last night to ask if I'd come pick her up today as she'd been given the OK to check out. She said she didn't need the extra PJs or robe after all. I warned her that her refrigerator was a brightly lit cavern because I'd gone a little overboard on the cleaning and let her know that I'd go out and stock up on any food she felt she could eat. She laughed and said that she'd been needing some help cleaning it out and was glad for the space. I hope she isn't too shocked.

My kind and patient British friend in the neighborhood has offered to drive me there and help out so we're off to the hospital this morning.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kathy, you are a great friend. Wish you lived nearer! viki in Chiba