The Phone Rings

so I answer it, still wearing the soft white gloves I had on to handle the Doll Festival dolls and ornaments (I waited until so late so the dolls wouldn't get mauled too much before March 3rd, the Hina Matsuri Doll Festival Day). The dinky music box picture frame commemorating the event with a traditional song is tinking loudly away a little too fast because an energetic 9 year old has wound it up a little too much.

A woman's voice said "National Cancer Center, hold please...go ahead." and my oncologist came on the line. I went last Thursday for a CT scan and was expecting to see and discuss the results on March 9 at my regular monthly appointment. Dr. Fujiwara told me that the results arrived on his desk this afternoon and that the spots on my lungs have grown (in spite of depriving them of estrogen and tricking them with Tamoxifen) and that he felt I should see him sooner than next week to talk about the next strategy; Herceptin. I'll go tomorrow morning to see what plans can be made. He said that I should discontinue the daily Tamoxifen pills in order to prepare for a new regime. He mentioned that he hoped to get me into a clinical trial with Herceptin to help keep the costs down. I thanked him for calling and put the phone on its cradle just as the Doll Festival music wound down.

The results aren't so great, but at least I don't have to wonder how they were until next Friday and I can stop taking my morning pills so maybe some of these hot flashes will stop.


ingemushi from mij said...

I am holding thumbs and praying that you get into the clinical trial for herceptin.

Tigermama said...

I too hope you get into the clinical trial. You are in my prayers.

Tigermama (Suzan from MIJ).

EO from MIJ said...

Hang tough, Kathy, just like you always seem to do-- I really admire your matter-of-factness in the face of adversity. Would love to meet you in person some day. I'd be up for some sushi and chat in Tsukij!