Lots and Lots of Tuna

The bloodwork room at the hospital was a little busy today after a three day weekend so my results weren't ready until a little after nine this morning. When they were available, I had my pre-treatment exam with Dr. F. and things look fine. I noticed a little pain over my lower ribs on my left side so we decided to move this year's bone scan up a month and I'll go back to Tsukiji on Friday morning for an injection of isotopes, wander around the fish market for an hour or two, go back and take a nap in the cramped machine where my radioactive bones slowly project their images up and out of me.

I finished my Herceptin/Taxol treatment at about 1:00 p.m. so I went to buy some sushi style egg omelets to use in J's and M's lunches tomorrow. I wore my Meg Ryan (more like Tryin'!!) wig and a cute guy at one of the tuna specialty shops called out his wares to me, addressing me as a young woman (ojousan). He must be partial to blonds; he gave me a 50% discount on a huge pile of very fresh tuna. (It was almost closing time, so that may have factored in...)

J was off at a friend's house when I got home, studying for the rest of her mid-terms tomorrow. She called at about 6:30 to ask how much longer she could stay. When I told about tonights menu, sushi rice topped with nori flakes, tuna, chunks of the omelet block, sesame seeds, soy sauce, chopped green onions and wasabi, she decided that she'd studied enouh and would come right home. I told her to invite her friend and they both rushed right over with a 5 kg bag of rice as a house gift from the girl's very generous mom. This is the mom who invited all four of our children to spend a few nights with them when I was in the hospital three years ago.

I had the kids assemble their own "maguro don" tuna rice bowls and all were pleased with the very fresh fish and the sheer quantity. Usually I have to creatively spread the tuna to hide the rice but thanks to the cutie at the market, today was a real treat for all. I sent some fresh sushi omelet (I bought two types, one plain, one with chicken and vegetables mixed in) home with J's friend in appreciation of the rice.

I wonder what style of hair the men at the big vegetable and fruit stand like...