J rescued a kitten from the middle of the street today. She put it on the side of the street and tried to walk home but it squeaked and mewled miserably and followed her so she picked it up and asked around the neighborhood to see if anyone might be missing a kitten. Nobody knew of any recent litters of kittens and she ended up bringing it (her)home. She really wants to keep the kitten but our building has a "no pets" rule that can be broken for goldfish and other critters which can live quietly in small aquariums but not for puppies and kittens.

I found a comfy cardboard box to keep drafts out, trimmed the kitten's long and sharp front claws and fed it a little well mashed cat food and evaporated milk diluted with warm water and the mewling doesn't seem so pathetic now. When S gets home, J will attempt to convince him to allow the rules to be broken for a while and she'll try to find a home for the little thing. It looks like it's about a month old.


Anonymous said...

How is the little guy doing? Any photos for us? Thanks for taking care of yet one more AngelWithFur.