Almost Time for the Kotatsu

What's a kotatsu? It's what the kids are begging me to set up and the reason we have to move our furniture around and put the dining room table into storage. A low table equipped with a heater and some blankets is all they need for a snuggly, comfy winter. Well, they also say they need lots of mikans (Japanese tangerines) to peel and nibble while they become the Japanese equivalent of couch potatoes until spring. It's incentive enough to get them to help with the cleaning anyway.

I had a different technician than usual for today's heart scan and she wouldn't share any comments other than that I'll be able to discuss the results next Tuesday when I see Dr. F again before my CT scan. I was assigned a social worker at the support counter and we spoke for about half an hour about my concerns and specific needs. Not much of the information was new, but I did get some good literature that will make explanations to S a little smoother.

I spoke with my 77 year old medical mentor downstairs this evening. She has connections with medical facilities all over Tokyo and a good grasp of what it good and what to avoid. It turns out that she has started gathering the same kind of information and that I may be able to help her a bit. We'll both go to the counselor on Tuesday as we're looking for a home hospice oriented clinic near our apartment house and not just the usual simple home nurse type service which she has already been using for the past decade for simple check-ups from time to time.

A friend and supporter has reminded me of some simple meal services that might be useful in getting the kids to learn and enjoy a little cooking. Ingredients for meals are delivered already measured out or chopped with instructions on how to finish cooking the meal. It's cheaper than ordering completely prepared meals and the meal plans are well balanced. It should be fun to try these once in a while and let the kids cook meals with minimum fuss. I'd heard of these services before but was very grateful for the reminder.


Anna said...

Getting the kids involved with cooking sounds real good think. I am sure they would like that.
Anna (Iceland)