Future Plans

M and I had a productive day on Sunday, going to a high school guidance fair to see a huge variety of public schools so she could start thinking about what she wants to do and where she should go to high school to get the most out of those years. It's a lot like choosing a college. She is so different from J so the same schools J was looking at were not inspiring to her, but now she seems excited at the prospect of high school and beyond. We've signed up to visit a few of these schools later this year.

My neighbor and I went in to the cancer center this morning and I was glad to hear that my heart scans from Friday were fine and that I could get my usual dose of Herceptin today. Dr. F. asked how I'd fared with my counselor last week and if I would like to use that counselor as my regular contact at the social services counter. He encouraged me to continue researching and gradually making plans and to make my preferences regarding various aspects of medical and other care known to the counselor so she can help make things happen should the need arise. Planning is not really a problem as I figure I can amend plans as conditions change; who knows what my preferences will be when I'm ninety?

I had a CT scan right after my visit with Dr. F. and then had my treatment. My downstairs neighbor had her consultation with Dr. F. and met me in the chemo room to sit and talk before we headed off to the fish market to try a new sushi shop and then walk off lunch in the market. Next week I start Taxotere again, when I see the CT scan results.

The rest of this week is filled with teaching, a lunch with some Japanese friends and the biannual elementary drama festival which is always something the kids are so proud to do with their entire grade. L and his friend from downstairs are giving me a preview, acting all the the other kids' parts to practice as I type. L and N have Monday off as a consequence of their Saturday performances. The immediate plans for the future are to bake cookies on Monday.


Cecilia said...

Baking cookies ...yum! Makes me feel tempted to go out and buy something to cook with. :)

Great to hear Herceptin is still on the menu. Good luck with the Taxotere.

Sending big hugs your way.


AZmomto8 said...

Dear Kathy,

It is hard for us who love you to read through your post, I have been at a loss for words since I heard about your last X-ray.

Please know you are always ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers daily, and I hope your quilt gets to you soon, I think it was shipped last week, or maybe tomorrow.

Makayla said...

Kathy, glad all was Ok with your heart!

And - your new look is fabulous! :)



Marie said...

Hi Kathy,

You have been in my heart and on my mind a lot lately. I am so glad to hear that Herceptin and Taxotere are again options and that your heart scan was good today. Sending big hugs your way... and do I catch a whiff of cyber-cookies in the air? ;-) Man, I want some chocolate chip right about now. Happy baking!!!

Love, Marie

ElaineM said...

I love the new background on your blog. I hope the new combo works !!
Have you checked out the UCLA Comprehensive Cancer Center website to see what Dr. Slamon who developed Herceptin and his co workers working on now? Very interesting !! Also vaccines are in the developing stage to help us live to 90+.
Please send a wif of those cookies my way !!