Good News

After I had my CT scan last Tuesday, I'd put it out of my mind as I didn't want to worry myself sick waiting for the results. I did such a good job that I forgot completely until I walked in to see my doctor yesterday morning and he was clicking around on his computer to bring the images up for our discussion. The CT scan results (which are much more accurate than an x-ray) showed that, while not dramatically, the Navelbine was helping to shrink the tumors. The three biggest tumors shrunk a few millimeters each. This means that I can keep my new silvery grey wig in its box for a while as the Taxotere should be saved for when I need more dramatic results. I forgot to ask my Dr. exactly how much more Taxotere I can have before it is either ineffective or is more trouble than the cancer it fights. That can wait until next time. I ended up going back on Navelbine after the three week break from chemo so I was a little tired today, but more energetic than past post-Navelbine days because of the break and, probably, the good news.

The Dr. did encourage me to continue with the hospice preparations as the hospice certified place will need him to send them my records and a request to have them see me before I actually go see them. There aren't many hospice certified hospitals in Japan but I found one on the list which is not too far away and which has a good network of qualified professionals who can do home visits to assist with the home-hospice option instead of or during the apparently long wait for a bed in the hospice ward itself. My downstairs neighbor's former student used to work at the big general hospital where the hospice ward is so she called the woman and got the low down on whom we should ask for and what to expect. We'll probably go on a tour or my first consultation together in January.


Tigermama said...

Great news! :) :) :)

RW said...

Good news, Kathy! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you!

AZmomto8 said...

Shrinkage is a good thing, I am relieved for you, taxotere and hair loss, and nerve issues, well, I am glad it can wait.

Are you encouraged by the news about navelbine? I wish the hospice issue would be on the back burner for now, as always, i am always thinking of and praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

Love your new blog decorations, they are elegant! I'm awfully glad to hear that the Navelbine is still working and the Taxotere can be held off on. (wondering what that silver wig looks like though!)

You are one tough cookie, and I am full of admiration as usual.


Barb S.