A few belated photos

The kids agreed that Niagara Falls was a major highlight of our trip.

Of course anything involving jumping came in at a close second. Fortunately they didn't want to try going over the falls in a barrel.

My cousin entertained with a magic show at our Thanksgiving in August and then made these awesome hats.Showing thanks for all of the good times?

It may be pride, but I enjoyed the character of my hometown with its quaint colonial flair and miles and miles of rolling green hills.
Of course running into family and friends there makes it better than any old town with a view.


Lesley said...

Those were lovely pictures! I really like the one of you all at Niagara Falls : ) Hope you are doing well - I am always so happy to see an update on how you and your kids are doing!

Lesley in Seattle

Cecilia said...

It looks like you had a great time. I second Lesley, it's always good to see an update!