Learning to Touch Type

People of my age are likely to have had typing classes in high school but I found that even when had a job with a typewriter (remember those?) I tended to look at the keyboard as I typed. I still find myself pressing backspace and retyping the very letter I mistyped as if I were using those sheets of white-out paper that could be slipped between the paper and the typewriter ribbon to remove or cover up unwanted letters with the hassle of painting on a liquid white-out and impatiently waiting for it to dry or risking a major mess, possibly a hole in the page. I was not a great typist. I've been training lately though, thanks to a combination of the kids and our cat. If anyone leaves the laptop open and unattended for even a minute, Koro sits on the keyboard and removes the keys. I've been able to replace the keys I've found but there are a number of soft (silicone I assume) blue pads with no keys.